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Director's Message

An important mission of the National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS) is to provide quality care to our public patients.


In my 21 years of service at NUH mostly (except for the breaks for National Service and HMDPs), I have not seen a greater momentum in the push for excellence in clinical care, research and education. The increased resources that are accorded to NUHCS as a national centre allow my colleagues and I to push forth many of our ideas in turning this centre into a true academic centre of excellence.


NUHCS will ride on its advantage in its co-location within NUH and will work closely with its Associates partners, comprising many medical disciplines such as nephrology, endocrinology, neurology, respiratory medicine, psychological medicine, family medicine; pediatric cardiology, maternal fetal medicine, anaesthesia, radiology, etc to provide holistic care to our patients. The multidisciplinary set-up within NUHCS will hopefully afford a more convenient, efficient and coordinated care to them, which will eventually translate to time- and cost-savings.


NUHCS will be moving to the premise currently occupied by the NUH Dental Centre with its façade facing the future Kent Ridge MRT station. A significant increase in floor-space will be made available for the new centre, in the range of about 300% (in square metre). This will be for set-up of outpatient clinics incorporating the various core clinical programmes, a modern cardiac rehabilitation centre, dedicated cardiovascular pharmacy and chemical laboratory etc.


I am particularly excited by the level of research collaboration and activities within this campus. The formation of Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) will enhance our position as the leading centre of cardiovascular research in this region and the world.


The depth of talents in NUHCS is incredible and I am privileged to be working with a bright group of people all the time. Indeed, the future of NUHCS begins tomorrow and I assure you that it is blindingly bright.  


- Prof Tan Huay Cheem