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About Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI)

Since late 2009, CVRI has evolved from an aspiration-

al concept to a formidable and expanding infrastruc-

ture (engaging over 100 basic scientists, clinician

scientists and support staff) with a growing capacity

to pursue a primary mission – the conduct of transla-

tional research in Heart Failure.

Prof. A. Mark Richards

(seated on the right) with

the team at the CVRI.


hat was CVRI’s research

work like in the beginning?

When I rst joined CVRI in 2009,

there wasn’t a dedicated research cen-

tre focusing on basic science or cardio-

vascular disease. My rst task was to

recruit basic scientists and clinicians

interested in and able to undertake

heart research. A/Prof. Mark Chan and

A/Prof. Roger Foo, Senior Consult-

ants, NUHCS; Asst. Prof. Chester

Drum, Consultant, NUHCS; and

A/Prof. Carolyn Lam, Senior Consult-

ant, National Heart Centre Singapore

(NHCS) were one of our rst team


Key clinician scientists within NUHCS

also included A/Prof. Ronald Lee and

A/Prof. Poh Kian Keong, Senior Con-

sultants, NUHCS. Basic scientists who

have helped build our laboratory “wet

lab” capacity from the ground up in-

clude Dr. Liew Oi Wah, Dr. Wang Peipei,

Dr. Wong LeeLee, Dr. Chen YT and Prof.

Tan Huay Cheem, Director, NUHCS. He

has been very proactive in supporting

the development of NUHCS’s research.

The emergence and strengthening of

each new team member has been very

special for me.

What are some of the key mile-

stones achieved by CVRI with

regards to research grants?

We clinched our very rst National

Medical Research Council (NMRC)

Centre Grant in 2010, having started

the planning and writing for the grant

throughout the mid to late part of 2009.