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26/ Caring for the Heart Prof. Tan Huay Cheem released his second Chinese book filled with articles he authored for the past 10 years.

Pulse is a biannual publication by

National University Heart Centre,

Singapore (NUHCS)

1E Kent Ridge Road, NUHS Tower Block,

Level 9, Singapore 119228

Editorial Directors

Prof. Tan Huay Cheem

A/Prof. Poh Kian Keong


Ms. Angeline Tan

Publications & Abstracts

Ms. Lin Xiao Yun

Ms. Tan Sze Hwee

Publishing Agency

Cubiz Pte Ltd

T h e T e a m

Copyright © is held by the

publishers. All rights

reserved. Reproduction in

whole or in parts without

permission is prohibited.

MCI (P) 183/03/2017.

All information is correct at

time of print.

In this issue, we showcase NUHCS’s

research strength by tracing the evolution

of the Cardiovascular Research Institute,

which aims to push frontiers in Heart

Failure research.

Prof. A. Mark Richards, Director, Cardiovascular Research Institute, takes us through the journey of the institute as well as its milestones in research grants and more. Reaching New Milestones 04/ 22/ Beyond the Call of Duty Read about Assistant Nurse Clinician Ms. Woo Pei Yoong’s act of kindness as she assisted an ill passenger on a flight back from her vacation. 10/ Importance of an Athlete's Heart Health Uncover the story of a heart patient who is still able to pursue his passion for water polo thanks to the NUHCS Sports Cardiology Service. 28/ When a Patient Becomes a Donor Dr. Sydney Brenner shares his experience receiving treatment at NUHCS and how he went on to become a donor for The Heart Fund. 30/ Eating to Your Heart’s Content Get some life hacks on eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Issue 29