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Choose healthier cooking methods

such as boiling, steaming, grilling

and stewing.

Reduce fat consumption by using

less oil when stir-frying, choosing

lean meat and removing any visible

fat and skin.

Cook soups or stews in advance

and let it cool before skimming

away the fat.

Opt for bre-rich whole-grain prod-

ucts including unpolished red or

8 Tips to Enjoy


Festive Treats

While the Chinese New Year may be a time for celebration and feasting, we have to beware of

overindulging in decadent treats and calorie-heavy dishes. Ms. Tricia Teo, our senior dietitian

from the Department of Dietetics, shares tips on how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet

while enjoying the festive spread.

Instead of dining out for your reunion dinner, why not organise one at home?

Here are some ways you can prepare a healthy meal using fresh and whole-

some ingredients:

Healthier Reunion Dinner Options

Tip 1

Tip 2

Tip 3

Tip 4


brown rice and brown rice beehoon.

End your dinner with fresh fruits instead of


Make your steamboat dinner healthier by:

Including a variety of colourful vegeta-

bles such as carrots, radishes, green

leafy vegetables and cabbages as

they are rich in dietary bre and




Consuming white meat such as sh,

skinless chicken and vegetarian

protein sources (e.g. tofu).

Limiting high cholesterol foods such as

egg yolks, organ meats and seafood.

Make Yu Sheng healthier by reducing

the amount of sweet sauce, oil and

fried crackers.


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