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Patient care is no longer

limited to clinical care. We

have a doctor who goes as

far as to personally fundraise

for his patients’ treatments.

Ms. Angeline Tan of The

Heart Fund column finds out

from Dr. Lim Yinghao, on

what motivated him and his

teammates to participate in

this charity event to raise

funds for needy patients.

y friends and I decided to do

something different this year.

In a t of madness, we signed

up for The Rickshaw Run which,

contrary to its name, does not involve

pulling a rickshaw or running on foot.

What it does involve, however, is

manoeuvring a dinky auto rickshaw

(tuktuk in local parlance) all the way

from Kochi, South West India, to

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan in Northern

India, covering a total distance of

2,800km. This is not quite a guided

tour, if you can imagine.

The best way of expressing the


essence of The Rickshaw Run is

perhaps with this description by the


“The Rickshaw Run is easily the least

sensible thing to do in two weeks. No

set route, no back-up, no way of

knowing if you’re going to make it. The

only certainty is that you will get

lost, you will get stuck and you will

break down. It’s just you and your

mates in a wholly unsuitable vehicle,

traversing the subcontinent enduring

whatever the road throws at you.”

This promises to be a great journey of

discovery for us. We foresee thrills and

spills, a touch of adventure, and a

chance to experience beautiful India

from deep within. Beyond that, we also

hope to bring attention to some chari-

ties that are close to our heart.

In our attempt to save the world, we

will rst x our environment (climate

change is real!) with CoolEarth, which

works with indigenous people to

conserve rainforests; help patients

who are unable to afford medical care

through The Heart Fund; and bring a

little joy to the needy with The Arts for

the Community by Esplanade. All funds

donated will go to charity.

This trip is

entirely self-funded.

A doctor’s fundraising challenge to help needy patients


3,000km acr o ss Ind i a



Our rickshaw design is inspired by the animation

‘My Neighbour Totoro’, which portrays Catbus, a

large grinning, twelve legged cat with a hollow

body that serves as a bus. The Catbus is seemingly

able to take its passengers to any destination they

desire, even if the passenger himself does not

know how to get there.

The rickshaw travels at a maximum speed of

40-50km/h. Some cynics claim that its top speed

is only reachable downhill as it tumbles down. It is

also apparently fond of flipping itself on its side

when made irate with moderate corners, and

occasionally stalls when the headlights are turned on.

There are many needy patients that we meet every day. Some of them even turn down good

treatment that they cannot afford despite heavy subsidies. I recall one patient who once verbalised

that he would be happy to pass on rather than pay for further treatment.

We hope to be able to

raise funds for all such patients.

Why The Heart Fund?


Issue 28





National University Heart Centre, Singapore