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Remote Monitoring of Anticoagulation Service

NUHCS offers cutting edge services for patients who are on warfarin therapy, for newly initiated patient and those on long term therapy.


Our novel method of monitoring enables patients more convenience and less frequent visits to the hospital for this therapy.


Patients are

  • allowed to self test - should they own a self testing meter
  • allowed to have their blood test done without having to have an appointment to see a doctor or pharmacist to review their results
  • allowed to test their INRs at a polyclinics near their home.


Their INR Results will be monitored by trained nurses and pharmacists who will contact these patients via a telephone call, sms or email to titrate their doses of warfarin.
A computer system will inform patient and staff of upcoming INR test scheduled, when results are available or abnormal and when tests have not been performed on schedule.


Patients are given a portal to view key in their own results and view how well their therapy has been going.


This method has been tested to be safe and convenient for patients.


For more information - please call 67725456 For Ms. Li Geying or 67724081 for Ms. Margaret Choong.