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Robotic Catheter Ablation Service in NUHCS

What is it?

The EPS Robotic Catheter system is the first such system to be used in Southeast Asia for the treatment of abnormal heart rhythm conditions. Its introduction to NUHCS will greatly benefit heart patients in Singapore and the region, offering them a more advanced and precise treatment option.


This robotic system allows the doctor to employ a unique, enhanced navigational precision and ability to maneuver the ablation catheter to a degree of control which is not possible with a standard manually-operated catheter. Additionally, it allows for direct measurement of the force applied to the heart surface

 through the ablation catheter, crucial to the efficacy and safety of the procedure. 


The system uses a mechanical robot to manipulate the ablation catheter within the heart, controlled remotely by the doctor using a 3-dimensional joystick via a dedicated computer system. It offers vastly superior catheter stability as well as precision as it allows for for very controlled and precise positioning of catheters, which can be manipulated to locations normally very difficult to reach by hand. Very small catheter movements can also be made by the operator, whose hand movements are scaled 4:1 by the robot. 


The robot is used in conjunction with an electro-anatomical mapping system, which creates a 3-dimensional “shell” or map of the heart chambers. This map is used to guide the robotic catheter to different locations in the heart without having to use X-rays


What are the benefits?


The benefits include:

  • Superior catheter stability and precision translating to higher success rates
  • Ability to reach previously difficult to reach locations in the heart
  • Shorter procedure times
  • Reduced amount of patients and staff’s exposure to radiation

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