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Preventive Cardiology Programme – “Happy Hearts”






The burden of heart failure (HF) on our healthcare system is enormous. Almost 1 in 20 people in Singapore suffer from HF and hospitalization rates for HF continue to increase with time. Moreover, compared to European and American populations, HF patients in Singapore are more than 10 years younger, and have a longer length of stay and increased in-hospital mortality.


Ischemic heart disease, which is the leading cause of HF, remains in the top 3 principal causes of death as well as hospitalization in Singapore. In addition, risk factors for HF and coronary artery disease such as physical inactivity, diabetes, hypertension and smoking are very common.


There is an opportunity to intervene at an early stage and halt the progression of these risk factors, ultimately reducing the risk of HF in the future. Primary prevention enables holistic cardiovascular (CV) risk factor control and improvement of physical fitness.


Identifying high risk individuals without established heart disease allows prompt initiation of medication such as aspirin, as well as early detection and treatment of silent disease.


Finally, increasing physical activity in this high risk population by imparting knowledge on how to exercise safely leads to individuals reaping the multitude of benefits of exercise, including reduction of CV death, CV disease and HF.


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Specialised Conditions 


You are eligible for our programme if you are:


You are not suitable for our programme if you are:

  • Below 21 years old or above 80 years old
  • Already known to have heart disease (eg. History of heart attack or heart failure)
  • At low to moderate CV risk (below 20%)
  • Having an abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Unable to exercise due to any impairment
  • Unable to provide informed consent

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Treatments Offered


Consultation with Cardiologist consisting (where appropriate, but not limited to):

  • Risk stratification including appropriate investigations (eg. exercise treadmill test, CT coronary angiogram)
  • Reassess any symptoms suggestive of heart disease
  • Discussion re: initiation of medication depending on baseline cardiovascular risk
  • Advice on risk factor control with target setting
  • Basic exercise prescription
  • Activity questionnaire
  • Referral to Singapore Heart Foundation for outpatient exercise (case by case basis)


Introduction to exercise with cardiac rehab physiotherapists consisting:

  • Overview of how to exercise safely
  • General exercise guidelines
  • Exercise advice based on baseline comorbidities
  • Demonstration / basic hands-on for warm-up/cool down exercises and stretching


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Who are the members of the preventive cardiology programme team?


Assistant Professor Yeo Tee Joo

Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit


Ms Serene Lim Peiying

Senior Physiotherapist


Mr Qamaruzaman Bin Syed Gani

Senior Physiotherapist


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