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Associate Professor Yip Wei Luen James



Senior Consultant Department of Cardiology, NUHCS

Associate Professor Department of Medicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS  

Group Chief Medical Informatics Officer NUHS

Associate Professor James Yip is currently a Senior Consultant in Department of Cardiology, National University Heart Centre, Singapore. He also holds the position of Group Chief Medical Informatics Officer in NUHS, and was previous Director for Congenital/ Structural Heart Disease.  


A/Prof James Yip graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1991 and has been a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine Singapore since 2001. He was trained in adult cardiology at the National University Hospital in Singapore from 1995 to 2001, and was a clinical fellow at Toronto Congenital Cardiac Centre for Adults from 2001 to 2002.


He is currently the Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Programme at NUHCS in Singapore. His interests include pregnancy and heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, Marfan syndrome and medical informatics.


Specialty Interest(s):

  • Heart Disease in Pregnancy
  • Medical Informatics/ Analytics
  • Adult Congenital Heart Disease
  • Pulmonary Hypertension


Specializes in Diseases and Conditions:

  • Marfan syndrome
  • Pulmonary Hypertension




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