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Our Doctors

National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS) puts together cardiac specialists and experts from a multitude of medical and surgical disciplines.

Working closely to provide high quality cardiac care are our cardiologists from Department of Cardiology and our cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons from the Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery


Department of Cardiology

Our physicians are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease


Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

Our surgeons are specialized in the surgery of the heart, lungs, chest, oesophagus and the major blood vessels of the body.


Cardiovascular Research Institute

Focusing on translational research efforts to develop or find better ways of treating heart disease.

The Doctors at NUHCS


Our Cardiologists
SN Salutation  Name  Designation 


Prof   Tan Huay Cheem Director, NUHCS
Senior Consultant 
2. Assoc Prof  Yeo Tiong Cheng Head, Department of Cardiology
Senior Consultant 
3. Asst Prof Chai Ping Senior Consultant
4. Asst Prof Chan Wan Xian Senior Consultant
5. Assoc Prof Mark Chan Yan Yee Senior Consultant
6. Assoc Prof Roger Foo Senior Consultant
7. Assoc Prof Ronald Lee Chi Hang   Senior Consultant
8. Asst Prof Lim Toon Wei  Senior Consultant
9. Assoc Prof Ling Lieng Hsi   Senior Consultant 
10. Assoc Prof Adrian Low Fatt Hoe  Senior Consultant
11. Assoc Prof Poh Kian Keong Senior Consultant 
12. Asst Prof Seow Swee Chong  Senior Consultant
13. Asst Prof Edgar Tay Lik Wui Senior Consultant 
14. Asst Prof Raymond Wong Ching Chiew Senior Consultant
15. Assoc Prof James Yip Wei Luen Senior Consultant
16. Asst Prof Pipin Kojodjojo  Senior Consultant
17. Dr Anand Adinath Ambhore Consultant 
18. Asst Prof Chan Koo Hui  Senior Consultant
19. Dr Peter Chang Consultant
20. Asst Prof Chester Drum Consultant
21. Asst Prof William Kong Kok-Fai Consultant
22. Dr  Lim Shir Lynn  Consultant
23. Asst Prof Joshua Loh  Senior Consultant
24. Dr Loh Poay Huan Consultant
25. Dr Devinder Singh Senior Consultant
26. Dr Soo Wern Miin  Consultant
27. Asst Prof Yeo Tee Joo Consultant
28. Asst Prof Yeo Wee Tiong Senior Consultant
29. Dr  Low Ting Ting Consultant
30. Dr  Ivandito Kuntjoro Consultant
31. Dr Lin Weiqin Consultant
32. Dr  Tan Li Ling  Consultant
33. Dr  Ruth Chen Senior Resident
34. Dr  Chen Zhengfeng Senior Resident
35. Dr  Robin Cherian  Consultant
36. Dr Isabel Ahmad Senior Resident
37. Dr Christopher Koo Senior Resident
38. Dr Lim Ying Hao Senior Resident
39. Dr Lim Yoke Ching Associate Consultant
40. Dr Ng Yeow Peng, Gavin Associate Consultant
41. Dr Ong See Jin, Jesse
Senior Resident
42. Dr Sim Hui Wen Senior Resident
43. Dr Tan Li Wei
Senior Resident
44. Dr Ting Hsin Yeen, Jeanette Associate Consultant
Our Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons
SN  Salutation  Name Designation 
1 . Adj Assoc Prof

Michael George Caleb 

Deputy Director, NUHCS

Head, Department of CTVS    

Senior Consultant

2 . Prof  Lee Chuen Neng 

Senior Consultant 

3 . Assoc Prof Theodoros Kofidis Senior Consultant 
4 . Assoc Prof Graeme MacLaren Senior Consultant 
5 . Assoc Prof John Tam Kit Chung Senior Consultant 
6. Asst Prof  Jimmy Hon Kim Fatt
Senior Consultant 
7. Asst Prof Kristine Teoh Leok Kheng Senior Consultant
8. Dr Julian Wong Chi Leung Senior Consultant 
9. Asst Prof Andrew Mark Tze Liang Choong Consultant
10. Dr Dharmaraj Rajesh Babu  Consultant
11. Dr Hardip Singh Consultant
12. Assoc Prof Jackie Ho Pei  Consultant
13 . Asst Prof  Kang Giap Swee  Consultant
14. Asst Prof Ooi Oon Cheong Consultant
15. Asst Prof Ramanathan Kollengode Ramaswamy Consultant
16 . Asst Prof Sorokin Vitaly  Consultant
17 . Asst Prof Winn Maung Maung Aye  Consultant
18. Dr   Harish Mithiran Muthiah Consultant
19. Dr Darren Lee Hai Liang Consultant
20. Dr Senthil Kumar Subbian Consultant
21. Dr Chang Guohao Registrar
22. Dr Chen Jianye Registrar
23. Dr  Julian Nester Matingal Senior Resident


Cardiovascular Research Institute
SN Salutation  Name  Designation 


Prof   A. Mark Richards Director, CVRI
Director of Research, NUHCS 
2. A/Prof  Ling Lieng Hsi

Associate Professor of Medicine, NUS
Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NUHCS 

4. A/Prof Roger SY Foo Associate Professor of Medicine, NUS
Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NUHCS 
5. A/Prof Mark Chan Yan Yee Associate Professor of Medicine, NUS
Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NUHCS
6. A/Prof

Carolyn Lam

Associate Professor of Medicine, NUS
7. A/Prof Ronald Lee Chi Hang Associate Professor of Medicine, NUS
Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NUHCS 
8. Dr Chan Siew Pang

Assistant Director, NUS

Biostatistician, CVRI