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NUHCS in the News



12 February

自动体外除颤器有什么功能?(What is the function of an AED?)


15 January 

“早搏”危险吗?(Is ‘premature beat’ dangerous)



25 December

Scheme gives early help to those at risk of heart problems


2 December

Pulmonary hypertension patients hope for more understanding from the public


23 November

亚洲人比欧洲人更易患易恶化先天心脏病(Asians are more prone to congenital heart diseases than Europeans)


30 October

癌症与心脑血管疾病有何关联 (What is the relationship between cancer and cardiovascular disease)


5 October 

Indians at Heart Risk


25 September

Getting to the Heart of the Matter


23 September 



7 August



6 August 


早报阅读@NLB第13场 医学给陈淮沁带来使命


30 July




24 July



23 July



23 May



8 May

Study may change care of heart patients


1 May

Doc, why am I so short of breath?


27 April

Childhood Obesity and the Indian Kid


23 January



16 January




17 December



11 December

I do not do anything but work. I am beyond all those other things: Nobel Laureate


5 December

5 things you need to know about hypertension


21 November



16 November 

NUHCS, Singapore Aims to Raise S$50,000 for Heart Patients


15 November

More hypertensives here if S'pore adopts new rate

Number one killer of women


14 November

The road to a healthier heart doesn’t stop at the hospital 


9 November 

More Singaporeans are living longer and developing heart valve disease


25 October



2 October



26 September



29 August



22 August 

Found: Molecule that stops heart from self-healing


21 July

New way to detect heart failure that's hard to diagnose



12 July

Protein That Protects Women From Heart Disease Identified


21 June

An Accessible Asia - Access to Medicine, Access to Care


6 June



15 April

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your heart


7 April

Science Briefs - Cardiac Disease-Dementia link found


13 March

Addressing the unmet need of high-risk cholesterol patients


8 March

Study examines best time to screen for sleep apnea after heart attack

6 March

A parent's grief: When a child in Singapore needs a heart transplant

2 March

医生研究: 70%冠心病患 无法靠饮食和运动降低坏胆固醇数量


14 February



12 January

OSA tied to diastolic dysfunction in heart attack patients


03 January 

与糖尿病战 从自身开始



28 December

Young people who experienced a heart attack still has the potential to live longer


27 December

糖尿病冠心病患者 可从微创疗法获益


20 December



15 December

Young heart attack survivors still at risk

研究: 40岁以下年轻心脏病患多为吸烟者


22 November

Docs here treat congenital heart defect sans open heart surgery



22 November



20 September

国大心脏基金筹款 资助穷困病患


29 August



21 August



14 August



18 June

Vital to screen heart patients for sleep disorder


17 June

S'poreans face heart failure 10 years before Westerners
(Study initiated by Professor Mark Richards)


13 May

NUH 'scores a first in Asia' with heart op


11 May

Study finds poorer long-term survival rates for diabetic heart-bypass patients


21 April
How do coronary heart disease (CHD) patients exercise?


15 March

New heart failure drug approved for use here


18 January

Lianhe Zaobao: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how to curb it


14 January

Lianhe Zaobao: How to increase "good cholesterol"


13 January

Daily consumption of 600mg caffeine may lead to irregular heart rhythm


12 January

The Straits Times: The Oily Truth



05 November

Lianhe Wanbao: Failed initially to get into medical school, now a renowned doctor


20 October

Straits Times, Mind Your Body: Telehealth helps spread medical Net wider

Straits Times, Mind Your Body: Managing hypertension via telehealth


06 October

Valve offers new hope for heart patients


12 August

TODAY: Excess cholesterol can hurt limbs too


Singaporeans get coronary artery disease earlier than the Dutch who cycle



30 October

The Straits Times: Stroke or heart attack? 


23 October

The Straits Times: Team studying way to modify cells to stop next heart attack


26 September

tabla!: Cooking for a healthy heart


25 September

联合早报: 地沟油如何威胁健康


18 September

联合早报: 国大与超市合作 特设较健康食品陈列架


31 July

TODAY: Four receive President's Award for Nurses this year


12 June

The Straits Times, Mind Your Body: Get moving 


03 June

The Straits Times: Heart patients in S’pore younger than those in West


My Paper: Heart failure hits Asians 10 years earlier


02 June

新明日报: 亚洲病人平均 60岁心脏衰竭 比美国人早12年


21 February

The Business Times: A first-rate medical support system


23 January

联合早报: 本地医生首创 胸肺手术切口只需三公分


The Straits Times: Quick recovery with single-incision lung op


22 January

新明日报: 胸开一小切口 能除病变组织




28 November
Mind Your Body: Hospitalised often for low sodium level


21 November
Mind Your Body:  Blood pressure reading fluctuates


24 September

联合早报: 全球30年来首起成功案例 男子心脏罕见脓瘤治愈


24 September

The Straits Times: Doctors save man with rare infection in heart


01 August

The Straits Times: President's Award for 3 nurses


30 May

The Straits Times: Ask the Expert: Teen often feels tightness of chest and breathlessness


06 May
TODAY: New family medicine clinic opens in Clementi


03 May
My Paper: 金文泰全科医疗诊所 开始为西部居民服务


03 May
联合早报: 首家全科医疗诊所下周一开幕


03 May
The Straits Times: First clinic to treat chronic illnesses to open soon


02 May

Mind Your Body: Eat Wisely


09 March

TODAY: Heartache shapes a doctor's heart


07 March

Mind Your Body: Only One Cut – Singapore doctor develops less invasive heart valve operation


06 March

The Straits Times: Malays at higher risk, but fewer go for checks


31 January

Lianhe Zaobao: 体检, 是预防胜于治疗




27 December

Mind Your Body: Partying may kill you 


08 November

Mind Your Body: Recipes to fight heart disease 


03 November

Lianhe Zaobao: 心脏病发死亡率 女性比男性高


18 October

Mind Your Body:  Check for heart defects in baby early


26 September

Lianhe Zaobao: 本地进行首宗无缝线瓣膜置换术 心脏瓣膜新手术减低风险


09 September

Lianhe Zaobao: 女性放轻松 可防心脏病


02 August

Lianhe Zaobao: 心脏病发作 应电召救护车急救


12 July

Lianhe Zaobao:  会消失的冠脉支架!


03 July

Shinmin Daily:  心胸科领域作出贡献国大医院李俊能教授获国际奖章


The Straits Times: Prestigious medal for top heart surgeon


Lianhe Zaobao: 国大医院李俊能教授 心胸科领域有贡献获大奖


31 May

Lianhe Zaobao:  心脏病发作是何导因?


24 May

Lianhe Zaobao: 感谢国大医院医护人员


22 March

Lianhe Zaobao:  老人血压控制应否和年轻人一样?


16 February

Lianhe Zaobao: Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of heart problem 


07 January

Lianhe Zaobao: Elderly long time smokers can still gain back their health if they quit smoking 




11 November

The Straits Times, Forum: 'Surgeons visited my mother after surgery, including Sunday.' 


06 October

The Straits Times, Mind Your Body: Safer way to scan the heart 


21 July 

The Straits Times, Mind Your Body: What's your cardiac risk score?


21 May

TODAY, Weekend: A stent that dissolves in the body...


The Straits Times, Home: New, free and 'better' stent, but few takers


09 May

The Straits Times: NUH and SGH improving facilities


22 April

The Straits Times, Home: One-stop centre at NUH for heart care


16 March

TODAY: Women, do you know if you're having a stroke?


15 March

The Straits Times: First heart clinic for women to be opened here


10 March

Lianhe Zaobao, zbNOW: High chance of regaining normal functioning of heart for those born with congenital heart disease


18 January

My Paper: iPads give doctors instant data



08 October

Lianhe Zaobao: Smartphone with ECG functions receive innovation award


TODAY: National Infocomm Award winners include a smartphone with ECG


The Business times, Singapore News: 13 local companies honoured for infocomm innovation 


04 October

Lianher Zaobao: The National Infocomm Awards 2010


The Business Times: Forging a new frontier


16 September

The Straits times, Mind Your Body: Dangers of tummy fat


02 July

Lianhe Zaobao: Clinical trials start for heart stent that naturally disintegrates in the artery after implantation


The Straits Times: Clinical trials on two new heart stents, Ops using the stents will be beamed live to medical congress


25 June

The Straits Times: Home-grown medical devices in major trial


24 June

The Straits Times: Feature - Diabetics more likely to get heart attacks


11 June

The Straits Times: Great doc


05 June

The Business Times: Top clinician made director of Cardiovascular Research Institute


The Straits Times: $6m pumped into research on heart failure


04 June

The Straits Times, Home: Text alerts help NUH save lives


13 March

The Straits Times, Special Report: Malays & Obesity: Big Trouble




10 September

ZbNOW, Lianhe Zaobao: Heart failure 


27 August

Mind Your Body, The Straits Times: Ask the Experts - Queries on blood pressure monitors


15 July

Lianhe Zaobao: Three weeks to know results of heart examination


09 July

Lianhe Zaobao: Heart attack, saving time could save lives


11 June

Mind Your Body, The Straits Times: She got her heart reshaped


03 June

Home, The Straits Times: Blood pressure drug could cut risks for elderly, say UK docs


18 May

Health Monthly, Lianhe Wanbao: A low blood pressure reading does not mean one has low blood pressure


05 April

Lianhe Zaobao: Heart Attack in man and woman


15 March

Berita Minggu: 1st female Malay heart surgeon in Singapore


19 February

Lianhe Zaobao: Can you survive Congenital Heart Defect 


11 February

My Paper: Cholestrol drug cuts risk of heart attack 


05 February

World, The Straits Times: Heart scan poses radiation risk: Study


01 February

Berita Mingg: Why Malay patients show less progress


Berita Minggu: Positive attitude and careful supervision of a case manager help to boost patients' health


08 January

NOW, LianHe ZaoBao: Maintaining Heart Health After Heart Attack


Mind Your Body, The Straits Times: Ticker time bomb




29 December

The Straits Times, Home: Helping Malay heart patients live longer


03 December

The Straits Times: New research institute to study heart diseases


09 December

Lianhe Zaobao: One-stop health services by National University Heart Centre, Singapore


23 November

LianHe WanBao: First local patient to receive new heart treatment


15 November

LianHe ZaoBao: Half of heart attack patients delay in seeking treatment


25 September

Mind Your Body, The Straits Times: Heart of the matter


09 September

The New Paper: New heart op reduces duration of hospital stay


30 August

Home, The Straits Times: Surgery cuts risk of further heart attack


28 August

Now, Lianhe Zaobao: Appropriate Heart Checks


01 August

Forum, The Straits Times: Thanks from the patient with the interesting heart


16 July

Berita Harian: Heart Attack - Reality & Misconception


09 July

Mind Your Body, The Straits Times: When to get your heart checked?


12 June

LianHe ZaoBao: On sex and heart disease