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Past Events in 2013

Date Event Venue About

31 March, 2013


9:00am - 12:30pm

健康第一 复活节健康嘉年华 莱佛士城会议中心4楼史丹佛宴会厅 Stamford Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Centre Level 4

年前已有研究显示亚洲人患上心脏病和中风的 几率越来越高,这让你我不得不“关心”。


心脏病和中风属于心血管疾病,而这正是全 球第一杀手,也是本地第二普遍的死因。当中有 不少病人,会在完全没有征兆的情况下发病。




本地销量第一的华文保健季刊《健康No.1》 将在本月31日主办的“沉默杀手——心脏病与中 风”华语座谈会,邀请中、西医和物理治疗师,为你全 方位探讨这个课题。


主讲嘉宾包括:国大心脏中心心脏内科顾问医生林 顿维、南大中医诊所顾问医师袁锦虹博士,及国大医院高 级物理治疗师林佩颖。



询问和报名热线:6319 2480 (只限 周一至周五,上午10时至傍晚6时)


传简讯:90726316 请注明英文姓名、出席人数,联络电


31 March, 2013


2:00pm - 3:00pm


SPH Auditorium

联合早报庆祝创报90周年,主题 为“历久弥新”。《乐活》版特别筹 办一项大型保健活动——“早报90免 费体检”,这个名为“健康乐活我做 主”的活动,获本地四家医院赞助总 值约4万元的90个免费体检配套给90名 幸运被抽中的读者,凡18岁至65岁者 (只限新加坡公民)可报名参加。




6 - 7 April, 2013 Introductory Course in Interventional Cardiology NUHS Tower Block

Our practice-oriented workshop is created for cardiologists with little or no experience in interventional cardiology. During the interactive course, you will learn about coronary angioplasty, the angiographic projections of the stenosis, the right selection of catheters, even tips and tricks of wire techniques and catheter intervention.


To register & for more information, click here.


8 - 10 April, 2013 IAMP Young Physician Leaders Asia Region 2013 National University of Singapore

The IAMP Young Physician Leaders Programme is a satellite meeting which will take place from April 8th-10th, 2013. Together with the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers and Medical Universities in Asia, IAMP is in the process of selecting 10 outstanding young physician leaders amongst nominations received from IAMP member academies in Asia and from member institutions of the “M8 Alliance”.


For more information, please click here


20 June, 2013

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lunchtime talk @ NUS

National University of Singapore


University Hall, Tan Chin Tuan Wing Auditorium

Lunchtime talk for the staff of NUS.


Speaker:  Dr Hardip Singh
Associate Consultant
Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery


21 August, 2013

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lunchtime talk @ NUS

National University of Singapore


University Hall, Tan Chin Tuan Wing Auditorium

Lunchtime talk for the staff of NUS.


Speaker:  Dr Pipin Kojodjojo
Cardiac Department

21 September, 2013


1:30 pm - 04:30pm

The HEART Truth Symposium The Joyden Hall, Bugis+, Level 7

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Singapore.

How well do you know the heart? The heart is an amazing and vital organ that works hard. During an average lifetime, it beats more than 2.5 billion times, pumping oxygen and blood throughout the body. What happens when this system is disturbed? Is there a difference men and women? What treatments are there today to fix the heart?

Join us at this seminar and hear it from our heart specialists!

For event photos and more information, please click here.


22 November 2013

PuckerUp4PH -

"Blue Lips" campaign

National University Hospital

Lobby B  

NUHCS plays its part in the global campaign to boost awareness of the rare and and unheard of lung condition, Pulmonary Hypertension (PH).


In November this year, we look forward to your support in raising awareness by collecting blue lips from each and everyone of you!


Blue lips or cyanosis can indicate the presence of a number of conditions including PH, so, to try and boost awareness of the condition, the Blue Lip logo was developed by the Pulmonary Hypertension Association in the UK.