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Symposium slides highlights


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Heart failure epidemic in Singapore: What should I do? 

Given the rapidly aging population and emerging problems of diabetes and hypertension, heart failure epidemic may be brewing in Singapore. Hear about some strategies you can adopt to stay healthy and stay away from heart failure. 

Dr Raymond Wong



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Sudden death from abnormal heart rhythm: Am I at risk?

Gain a better understanding of such potentially lethal arrhythmias, warning signs to be aware of, and state-of-the-art techniques that can be used to screen for and prevent sudden death.

Dr Pipin Kojodjojo


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Heart attack treatment: A journey of a 100 years

Learn about early recognition of the symptoms, the current life revolutionary treatments as well as cardiac rehabilitation to prevent recurrence among heart attack survivors. 

Prof Tan Huay Cheem



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Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: What do I need to know?

Many people have heard of ‘bypass’ surgery, but do you really know what the surgery is about, what is needed before and after the operation? Get your answers here. 

Dr Kristine Teoh


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Leg amputation: How do I prevent it?

What are the symptoms and treatments? Who are at risk? Find out about the facts and how it can be treated early to ensure leg preservation and improving the quality of life.

Dr Julian Wong