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I Carry Your Heart - Dance Event


A journey through dance, life and love, one that carries the notions of release and rejuvenation as its leitmotifs.  Expressed through Bharatanatyam and Butoh with inspiration from the NUHCS Sculpture Garden created by Singapore's celebrated multidisciplinary artist Tan Swie Hian. Also featuring Syv Bruzeau, Samuel Wong, Johnny Chia and Vishnu Veluri.


12 Feb Thursday
An evening of appreciation 

13 Feb Friday
An open invite

*Exclusive to our invited guests
**Open to public from 7:30pm onwards 

5:45 PM Registration for Event
6:00 PM Pre-dance Cocktail Reception + mini CME
7:00 PM NUHCS Heart Clinics Walkabout
7:20 PM Speech by Director
7:30 PM "I Carry Your Heart With Me" Dance Performance
8:30 PM Post-dance Cocktail Reception
7:20 PM Speech by Director
7:30 PM "I Carry Your Heart With Me" Dance Performance
8:30 PM End of Evening

RSVP for invited guests: 





http://bit.do/nuhcslocation (Find map of event location here)



Train  Take the Circle Line and alight at the Kent Ridge Station

Bus Service No. 97, 197, SMRT Bus Service No. 963 (AYE Bus Stop)

SBS Transit Bus Service No. 92, 200 (North Buona Vista Road Bus Stop)


Kent Ridge Wing - Basement and Level 1

Please find directions to carpark here - http://bit.do/nuhcarpark


Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/423298941161246/ 



Singapore, 12 February 2015 - I carry your heart, an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural performance work that sees the coming together of dance, sculpture, poetry and music will be presented on 12th and 13th February 2015 at the courtyard of the National University Heart Centre, Singapore. In conjunction with the dance performance on 12th Feb, NUHCS will be hosting a cocktail reception to thank all their partners and donors for their continuous support. 


Said Associate Professor Tan Huay Cheem, Director, NUHCS, “This is the first time we are bringing a cross-cultural interdisciplinary dance performance back into the courtyard of NUHCS for our patients and public viewing.  We hope they will find this dance performance rejuvenating, as well as therapeutic.”


In creating this site-specific piece, leading Singapore-based experimental dancers Nirmala Seshadri and Neewin Hershall, work through the classical Indian dance form Bharatanatyam and the Japanese dance theatre form Butoh as they respond to the stone sculptures at the Sculpture Garden created by Singapore’s celebrated multidisciplinary artist, Dr Tan Swie Hian. Dr Tan’s exquisite Sculpture Garden, situated within the National University Heart Centre, Singapore, is based on the poem 'I carry your heart' written by the profilic and experimental American poet E.E. Cummings. The dance piece I carry your heart, that carries the notions of release and rejuvenation as its leitmotifs, is an exploration of the concepts of memory and time. It is also a portrayal of human love and its relationship with art and nature.


Nirmala Seshadri is a recipient of various awards including the prestigious Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council of Singapore. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of N Dance & Yoga, a company that focusses on research and experimentation in dance and somatic practices. Neewin Hershall is a graduate of the renowned dance institution in India, Kalakshetra. He currently teaches dance in Singapore at Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society and is resident performer and choreographer at Bhaskar’s Arts Academy. Nirmala and Neewin began collaborating artistically in 2002. Their experimental dance work Crossroads was performed internationally from 2003 to 2008 and received much critical acclaim.  The dancers are accompanied by Butoh artist Syv Bruzeau and musicians Samuel Wong (Pipa), Vishnu Veluri (Flute) and Johnny Chia (Guzheng).


Bharatanatyam has moved from the historic temple space into the theatre space. I carry your heart draws the form out of the theatre and into an outdoor location in Singapore. “The moment I walked into the Sculpture Garden, I felt inspired to respond to the setting through movement”, says Nirmala Seshadri who elaborates, “we are working with a structured and codified form – Bharatanatyam, and drawing it into a space of improvisation and sensorial perception through Butoh.” Both dancers view this community outreach performance as an opportunity to nurture greater appreciation of the contemporary relevance of the traditional arts as well as to carry forward a mission that began with Crossroads – to create works that reflect the contemporary milieu and times. “In the metaphor of Michelangelo, Nirmala and Neewin are dance devas hidden in the granite blocks and with I Carry Your Heart, they emerge from the sculptures to create a moving poem”, is Dr Tan Swie Hian’s poetic description of this unique and innovative piece.